There will be occasions when you will want to make changes to the steps in a Guidethrough.

This is done through the Edit Step screen of your Guidethrough Developer Chrome Extension.

At the Edit Step screen you can:

a) Recapture the screen element to which the step is anchored

b) Edit the step's name

c) Format the step Description/Instruction text

d) Add an external link to text in the step Description/Instruction

e) Add or change the step Description or Instructions that end users will see when the Guidethrough is published;


Change the Behaviour of how this step will play by changing;

f) Position of where the step will display relative to the element to which it is anchored; or

g) Trigger by which this step will display

h) Navigate to the previous or next Step in the Guidethrough

After you've edited the step and made the changes you want, click Save to save your changes and return to the parent Guidethrough for this step.

If you decide that you don't wish to edit the step, click Cancel to return to the parent Guidethrough for this step.