The Guidethrough Step Triggers are tools that will determine how the steps in a Guidethrough will play for end users when that Guidethrough is published.

The Triggers are accessed from the Homepage > Guidethrough <name> Edit Step > Behaviour screen.

From here, you can edit the step Triggers for the selected Guidethrough as preferred.

By default, when you are creating a new Guidethrough and adding the first step, Guidethrough will select Autoplay as the Trigger for step 1 - and all subsequent steps - in the new Guidethrough.

Autoplay is the easiest way for you to create a new Guidethrough and is also easiest for the published Guidethroughs to play for your end users.

Also, even if a Guidethrough was originally created as an Autoplay Trigger you can change this at any time afterwards if preferred.

The Triggers are:


When a new Guidethrough is being created, the default setting is that the Guidethrough will be created so that it will play as Autoplay for end users.

If the Autoplay default is not manually changed to another Trigger at step 1, all subsequent steps in the Guidethrough will be Autoplay too.

If another Trigger is manually chosen at step 1, and you don't manually assign a Trigger for step 2 (and all other steps onwards), then step 2+ will default to On-click Trigger. Or, you can continue to select manual Triggers as preferred for every step in the Guidethrough.


Steps with this Trigger will show when the step number (that is anchored to the element that that step is associated with) is clicked on.