The downloadable docx end user training guides that Guidethrough creates are done at the same time as the guided web tours (Guidethroughs) are produced.

There is no additional authoring effort required in the Guidethrough Developer Chrome Extension as the training guides are created concurrent to the Guidethrough web tours.

To create your Guidethroughs - and the matching downloadable docx end user training guides - you will use the Guidethrough Developer Chrome Extension.

Then follow the steps to create your Guidethroughs.

After you have created your Guidethrough and wish to download the matching training guide, simply;

a) Highlight the selected Guidethrough and click on the ellipsis on the right of that Guidethrough


b) Select the training guide download menu option

This then will download the docx file for the selected Guidethrough to your downloads folder.

You can then - using a docx editor (such as Microsoft Word) - edit the docx training guide as you prefer to add more information, training notes etc.