If you have finished creating your Guidethroughs and InfoTips or are not yet ready to start developing them, then you can easily deactivate and then reactivate your Guidethrough Developer Chrome Extension until needed.

When the Guidethrough Developer is deactivated, this then means that you don't need to login to Guidethrough whenever you open your Chrome browser.

1. To access your Chrome browser's extensions:

a. Open your Chrome browser and click on the ellipsis on the top right of the browser toolbar

b. This opens a drop-down menu. Select the More Tools option

c. Then choose the Extensions option

2. To activate your Guidethrough Developer Chrome Extension, simply click on the enable/disable slider.

When enabled, the slider changes colour to blue and the Guidethrough G logo appears in your Chrome toolbar to confirm that it has been activated.

Open a new tab in Chrome and then the Guidethrough login screen will appear (note that if you already have tabs open, then you will need to refresh those tabs so that Guidethrough is enabled on those pre-opened tabs). 

Login and Guidethrough is now ready to develop your Guidethroughs and InfoTips.

3. To deactivate, click on the enable/disable slider.

When disabled, the slider changes colour to grey and the Guidethrough G logo no longer is shown in the Chrome toolbar.