Launchers are automatically enabled by the Guidethrough Player Chrome Extension or the Guidethrough Code Snippet and appear as a tab or widget affording end-users a means to:

  • search for and navigate published Guidethroughs  
  • gain access to published Resources
  • create webpage specific personal Notes
  • access a Help Portal

End-users activate the Launcher by clicking the tab, revealing published content accessible to them.

A Launcher's look and feel can be customised by clicking the cog icon on the Developer extension

Then navigating to Apps > Launchers and editing the settings as necessary:

a) The position selector determines where on the screen the Launcher's tab will appear

b) Determines what types of content the Launcher will list

c) Enables or Disables the user's ability to create personal notes

d) Enables or Disables the customisable Help icon

e) Customises the Launcher's title as well as the icon, and text and background colours

The Launcher preview on the right will update as you customise its look and feel. It is also worth noting that settings can always be changed back by clicking on Restore Defaults. Once you're happy with your selection click Save.

End-users will see the changes next time they restart or refresh their browsers.